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Area Rug Care

  • Don’t Fall for “FREE RUG PAD” Offers

    Don’t fall for that “FREE RUG PAD” offer you see out there on area rug websites.


    Many online area rug stores offer to give you a free area rug with your rug purchase. Rarely are these rug pads any good and often leave a residue in the shape of a waffle print on your floor.

    Rug Goddess has high quality area rug pads for every application, even on wall to wall carpeting, that won’t bunch, gather, or leave waffle impressions on your floors! Visit: for more information on quality area rug pads

    Call us if you are confused on what type of area rug pad you need. 800-481-1572

  • Removing Furniture Marks On Your Area Rug

    Do you have unsightly furniture marks on your area rugs?

    Get rid of them easily with ice cubes!

    Line up some ice cubes on the furniture marks and leave them on the area rug over night. Make sure that you place a towel or something underneath the area rug to protect the floor,  especially if you have hardwood floors. In the morning, lightly fluff the pile with your fingers and your problem should be resolved.

  • Area Rug Pads

    Area rug pads are often overlooked when buying an area rug.

    Don’t fall for companies offering  “Free Rug Pads.” A lot of time these cheap pads leave a waffle print on your hardwoods and aren’t the right rug pad needed for the type of rug you purchased.

    There are four types of Area Rug Pads that we highly recommend:

    Duo-lock Area Rug Pads have great quality and are thicker than most rug pads. Designed for 4 x 6 or larger sized area rugs on any hard surface or wall to wall carpet. However I don’t recommend these pads if your area rug is going to sit on top of carpet with heavy furniture on top. (See No Muv Pad below for these circumstances)

    Duo-Lock also known as Durahold pads keep the rug from stretching out of shape, keep the rug secured in place, as well as add luxurious cushion to the feel of your rug. Like all rug pads the rug pad must be cut to fit the rug by trimming the pad 1 ½” inches smaller than the rug itself on all four sides. This will make the rug lay smoothly over the edge of the pad to avoid a tripping hazard. Very important! You must use a carpet knife with fresh blade for trimming!

    2) Teebaud Area Rug Pad is a thin pad designed for smaller rugs, runners, and rugs with a slick backing. Slick backing refers to a very highly dense machine made rug. Teebaud Pads are also designed for smaller rugs on top of wall to wall carpet or hard surface to keep them from crawling. It really locks the rug in place!
    The grey side of the pad is for hard surface and the white side of the pad is for wall to wall carpeting. When this pad is applied to hard surface it will leave a slight residue on the floor. But if you take a clean white cloth and apply 409 to the towel (not the floor) and gently rub, you shouldn’t have any harm to your floors. Frequent removing of the pad is not necessary every time you clean. Just vacuum and then take a damp cloth and go around the edges of the rug. Also keep in mind that every time you remove the pad some of the tackiness of the pad will wear off. Remember to always ask the installer of new hardwoods how long you should wait before placing any pads on newly installed hardwoods!

    3) Grip It Solid Area Rug Pads are designed for 5 x 8 or larger rugs going on hard surfaces when you don’t really need the extra cushion. Ideal locations include areas with little traffic like under breakfast table, formal dining tables etc. This thinner pad will also work better where constant moving of chairs is involved. Grip It Pad comes in standard sizes and is very easy to trim with a nice pair of scissors.
    4) No Muv Rug Pad, most people don’t even know this pad exists!!

    It ‘s firmer to the touch and designed to stop an area rug from buckling where the legs of the furniture sits when you’re using an area rug applied on top of wall to wall carpeting. This rug pad must be cut to fit the rug by trimming the pad 1 ½” inches smaller than the rug itself on all four sides. This will make the rug lay smoothly over the edge of the pad to avoid a tripping hazard. Very important! You must use a carpet knife with a fresh blade for trimming and be very careful not to cut the carpet underneath!
    No Muv pad cannot be folded when shipped!

    You can buy area rug pads online on our web site here.

  • Protecting Your Area Rug

    We have tried every kind of area rug protectant (fabric protectant) out there so if you want to protect your area rug from spills and stains including pet stains, I  recommend a fabric protectant called “Force Field.”

    Force Field

    After you get your area rug into place, put a series of towels or old sheets underneath the edges of the rug. Then simply spray your area rug with force field before you to go sleep. Make sure to put your pets up for the night and make sure you don’t spray the product on your hardwood floors. It will not hurt your floors but it will make the floor slick and we wouldn’t want you to fall.

    When spraying the product hold the bottle 6-12 inches above the rug and spray in one direction across the entire area rug then go back and do the other direction again over the entire area rug. This ensures you have complete and uniform coverage. The product dries in 2-4 hours to the touch and permanently in 24 hours. I have used this product for over 8 years now with great results.

    You can buy force field fabric protectant here on our web site.

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