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Hand Tufted Area Rugs

A Hand Tufted Area Rug is made with a gun kind of like latch hook. The wool is punched in with a gun or by hand, one tuft at a time. Generally the patterns are mass-produced in your standard sizes from 3.5′ x 5.5′, 5 x 8, 8 x 11, and 9.5′ x 13.5′. You’ll always know how to distinguish a Hand Tufted area rug because it will have a cloth like muslin backing.

The cost of hand-tufted area rugs is impacted by the type of wool they are using an how it was dyed natural or chemical dyes as well as how many tufts per square inch. The more tufts per inch and the denser the pile and the higher the cost. This also impacts the memory the rug will have, meaning it won’t crush the pile, so it will wear longer.

With a Hand Tufted area rug, glue is used on the back of the rug to hold the wool pile in place. So you will get some shedding, but how much depends on how dense (tufts per inch) the area rug is, and what type of wool has been used. The fringe is often glued or sewn to the ends of a tufted rug.

The hand tufted area rug will rarely wear as well as the Hand Knotted rug because the wool is almost always a cheaper grade and the glue used, tends to be an inexpensive latex glue which becomes brittle and deteriorates over time.

A Hand Tufted area rug has a resale value slightly higher than a machine-made wool rug of the same size.

However you can customize a hand tufted rug or cut it down much easier than a hand knotted or machine made area rug. I’m more than glad to help you understand the differences in area rugs and help you make sure what questions to ask and what to look for when selecting a hand tufted rug. Some types of hand tufted rugs have beveling on the top of the pile. This is a very nice, rich looking style which is all done in the manufacturing process. In most cases this is done manually by people on their hands and knees. It’s a great look, (but the price will higher).

Try running your hand across the pile to test how much it sheds and remember the softer and the denser the pile is, the better the area rug.

I have some more information on hand tufted area rugs here.

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