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Protecting Your Area Rug

We have tried every kind of area rug protectant (fabric protectant) out there so if you want to protect your area rug from spills and stains including pet stains, I  recommend a fabric protectant called “Force Field.”

Force Field

After you get your area rug into place, put a series of towels or old sheets underneath the edges of the rug. Then simply spray your area rug with force field before you to go sleep. Make sure to put your pets up for the night and make sure you don’t spray the product on your hardwood floors. It will not hurt your floors but it will make the floor slick and we wouldn’t want you to fall.

When spraying the product hold the bottle 6-12 inches above the rug and spray in one direction across the entire area rug then go back and do the other direction again over the entire area rug. This ensures you have complete and uniform coverage. The product dries in 2-4 hours to the touch and permanently in 24 hours. I have used this product for over 8 years now with great results.

You can buy force field fabric protectant here on our web site.

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