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What Ever Happened to Customer Service?

Reality check!

The area rug industry has a problem with customer service. We sell area rugs for a living and on numerous occasions, a customer comes to us from another web site complaining the last online store said the area rug was in stock, took their money, only to find out days later that the area rug they picked out is on back order. However when you call back to find out what’s up with your order or refund, it often takes days to get a response and you are the one who has to stay on top of it or you might never hear back from the vendor at all.

When you place an order, whether it be in person at a store or online, It’s almost impossible to get a customer service associate’s attention. You start to wonder, do they really want my business? Are these companies reputable? Am I going to get my refund?

We understand back orders are going to happen but you would think companies would stay on top of this for you and be proactive in communicating with you.

The common courtesy of the past, like returning a customer’s phone call or helping a customer find a replacement area rug if something is on back order, shouldn’t be the exception but rather the norm.

When my customer’s order something on my web site and its back ordered, we always let them know right away the status of their order and if they would like for us to find an alternative area rug in case they don’t want to wait. While not ideal, it’s amazing how many of our clients actually do buy the alternate area rug. It’s not that hard, just spend some time looking for something similar in price, style, and color and 9 times out of 10 the client is happy and buys that rug.

People are busy and really appreciate that little extra bit of attention you give them (customer service).

Any time a customer interacts with your company or brand it’s an opportunity to leave a positive impact and overall good impression of your company. (Business 101)

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