Jaipur Rugs

Jaipur Rugs was founded in 1978 by Nand Kishore Chaudhary alongside nine hardworking artisans working on rug looms. Built on the principle of dignity Mr. Chaudhary’s business employed many of the skilled craftsman painstakingly trained on the century-old practice once looked upon as poor women and artists but now known as the elite in their rare craft of making hand-knotted rugs. Jaipur works directly with Artisans in five states and 600 villages across India providing over 40,000 Artisans the ability to provide for their families and additionally 85% of these weavers are women which in turn has helped them gain financial independence.

Today Mr. Chaudhary along with his daughters Asha and Archana Chaudhary, Jaipur Living carries on their mission by creating beautiful lives for customers as well as his employees and the Artisan’s who create the products while preserving the centuries old craftsmanship of making handmade rugs.

In these times of mass production and immediate satisfaction, everyday people here in America do not begin to understand the ancient art of rug weaving and because of the times it is in real danger of extinction. Just realizing the average hand-knotted rug takes 240 days to create (approximately the same time to build an average size home in the United States) on the front end it is very labor intensive which can sometimes affect the quality of the rug. Jaipur is dedicated to preserving the quality, consistency and integrity of this age old craft and continues to develop intricately designed high quality rugs by building up a trust between the company and specially trained artisans resulting in high quality rugs at fair market pricing. It is comforting to learn every purchase made of a hand-woven rug from Jaipur results in the direct support of a community of Artisans.

Rug Goddess recognizes some of our more popular rug collections from Jaipur Living as follows: Genesis Collection, Kaleida Collection, Salinas Collection, Rhapsody Collection, Poeme Collection, Heritage Collection, Jenny Jones Connextion Collection, Rize Collection, Revolution Collection, Asos Collection, Kavi Chaos Collection, Azland Collection, Blue Collection, Coastal Resort Collection, Citrine Collection, Micah Collection, Liberty Collection, Coredora Collection, Salinas Collection, Linnet Collection, Satellite Collection, Tattvam Collection, Mythos Collection, Uvenuti Collection and City Collection.

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