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  • Kaleen Montage MTG02-75 Grey Area Rug

    Kaleen Montage MTG02-75 Grey Area Rug

    Kaleen Montage MTG02-75 Grey Area Rug is part of the Montage collection and a true collaboration of design inspiration from around the world. Uniquely constructed with a loop and cut pile for added texture, this grey floral modern rug offers a look that...

    $69.00 - $1,159.00

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Tropical & Floral Area Rugs

A tropical or floral-patterned area rug is an excellent way to improve the aesthetics and personality of your home. Whether you need an indoor area rug to brighten your living room or an outdoor rug for your deck or patio, tropical and floral patterns bring an elegant and relaxing atmosphere to your home, inspired by nature.

Rug Goddess has an extensive selection of high-quality tropical and floral area rugs. Our design team can help you choose the perfect model for your living room, kitchen, dining room, patio, or any other area of your home.

Defining Characteristics

A floral area rug features prints and patterns styled after flowers, leaves, vines, and other botanical elements. Floral area rugs are a classic interior design choice, and they can fit nearly any interior style or architecture, from Scandinavian minimalism to modern transitional.

Rugs featuring floral patterns have existed since ancient times. Ancient civilizations such as the Assyrians, Egyptians, and Greeks were among the first to produce floral patterned rugs manufactured using materials like linen and sheep or goat wool.

Today, floral pattern rugs are available in nearly any combination of colors, hues, and designs. Whether you prefer a classic rug with soft and neutral colors, or a modern design with vibrant, visually striking elements, you’ll find multiple rug models at Rug Goddess that can fit your indoor style and decor.

What Makes Tropical Rugs Different?

Tropical area rugs are a subtype of floral rugs, focusing on elements inspired by exotic locations.

The patterns on this rug type may feature vegetation such as palm tree leaves, bamboo stalks, rainforest flowers, or even non-plant designs evoking islands and tropical settings, such as the ocean, coral, or marine creatures like colorful tropical fish, starfish, turtles, and jellyfish.

Which Materials Should I Choose?

Before considering the looks and design of your floral or tropical area rug, it is critical to check which materials it uses in its construction. The type of fabric used has a significant effect on the rug’s durability and ease of cleaning. Here are some of the most common rug materials found in floral and tropical rugs at Rug Goddess:

Synthetic Fibers

Floral area rugs made of synthetic fibers typically use polyester or polypropylene (PPF). These fibers are derived from plastic polymers and are designed to resemble natural fibers, offering a look, feel, and softness similar to wool or sisal.

These rugs are more affordable than natural alternatives. Synthetic fibers are also very lightweight, hydrophobic, easy to wash, and highly resistant to odors and most stains.

However, synthetic rugs aren’t as durable as natural fiber rugs, and oil-based stains are challenging to remove. Additionally, synthetic fibers generate significant amounts of static electricity, attracting dust and pet fur.


Wool is one of the world’s oldest and most well-known rug materials. This material is acquired from live sheep, treated, and processed using various techniques, from traditional hand-weaving to modern machine-looming methods. Wool rugs may be either 100% wool or reinforced with synthetic fibers.

Although pure wool rugs are relatively rare in the United States, this material offers numerous benefits: high durability, long lifespan, and natural resistance to stains, dust, water, and flames. These characteristics make wool rugs ideal for kitchens or dining rooms.

The primary drawbacks of wool rugs are their high cost, a tendency to shed over time, and the risk of attracting insects that feed on wool.

How to Style a Tropical or Floral Rug in Your Home

When shopping for tropical and floral area rugs, choosing the right colors and patterns can significantly impact a space's feel and look. Use our tips to help you choose the right design.

Fit the Rug to the Room’s Theme

When choosing a rug, one of the essential rules of indoor design is to follow a theme. Rather than only looking at the floor’s color, consider the entire room or outdoor area the rug will decorate and ensure the design follows the theme set by your room’s colors, patterns, textures, and accessories.

If your living room primarily contains white furniture with blue and gray accents, try the Kas Coral 4171 Ivory/Blue Laguna Area Rug, which features a matching color scheme.

Consider Bolder Designs

Tropical patterns include more than just flowers and leaves. They can also feature exotic fruit, beach settings, or sea-inspired designs. The Couristan Covington 6166-0117 rug features a pineapple pattern, ideal for livening up a kitchen or an outdoor patio.

You can also center the room around the rug and pair it with furniture matching its background color. For example, if you primarily have dark-colored furniture with light or neutral accents, a black rug with white floral scrollwork like the Nourison Home & Garden RS014 will stand out and make a bold design statement.

Pair Floral Patterns with Potted Plants

If your living room, bedroom, or patio features potted plants, an excellent way to accentuate it is to install a tropical leaf pattern rug with similar colors and vibrance. For instance, a room featuring potted lady palms or rubber plants pairs well with a leaf-patterned rug such as the Momeni Veranda VR-62.

If you enjoy decorating your home with flowers, you can follow the same design principle with floral or tropical pattern rugs featuring flowers instead of leaves. You can enhance the feel of a room decorated with magnolias with a rug featuring the same flowers, such as the Kas Catalina 761 Black Magnolia Area Rug.

Other Features to Consider When Choosing Floral Area Rugs

Besides the materials and designs, you’ll need to consider features such as sizing and protective accessories when shopping for a floral area rug.

Rug Size and Format

The ideal size for your floral- or tropical-patterned rug depends on the type of room or outdoor space you have.

Most rugs are rectangular and feature two measurements in feet and inches. The longest measurement is the length, and the shortest is the width. The only exception to this rule is round rugs, which feature a single figure for the diameter.

Sizing recommendations:

  • Large format floral and tropical rugs, such as 7’6” x 9’6”, 7’6” round rugs, are best for living rooms, large bedrooms, outdoor patios, and decks.
  • Small-sized rugs like 5’ x 7’6” or 3’3” x 5’3” are an excellent fit in smaller bedrooms, studies, home offices, and dens. They can also serve as smaller accents in larger rooms to create a designated space like a reading nook.
  • If you intend to use a floral area rug for a hallway or a corridor, consider a runner rug with dimensions such as 2’3” x 7’6” or 2’3” x 8’.

Protective Accessories

Consider enhancing the lifespan and practicality of your floral pattern rug and the floor underneath it by installing a set of rug pads.

Rug pads are sheets of protective material that can help you in multiple ways. The primary purpose of a set of rug pads is to serve as a buffer material between the rug and the floor, protecting both from wear and tear. This preserves your floral area rug’s look and integrity.

Rug pads also offer anti-slip properties, increasing safety and preventing potential injuries due to slips and falls. It also helps keep your rug in the perfect position, maintaining its aesthetic qualities and preventing you from repositioning and recentering it.

Find the Ideal Floral and Tropical Pattern Rugs at Rug Goddess

Rug Goddess carries an extensive selection of area rugs with floral, tropical, and other natural patterns, ideal for enhancing the look of any indoor or outdoor area. Most of our rug designs are available in multiple sizes, including round rugs and runners.

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