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Area Rugs for Living Rooms

As I mentioned before, the number one question I get form my customers is, “what size area rug do I really need?”

First thing you have to think about is the size of your living room. If you have an open floor plan / contemporary or loft style living room then generally you will want all of the furniture on the area rug like the picture below.

Custom Murphy all furniture on rug400 wide

This helps define the living space and creates a room within a room.
Make sure all of your walkways are clear when measuring and you have arranged the furniture so its going to be most comfortable.

If you have a more traditional/standard style or sized living room (not an open floor plan) and your living room has hard surface flooring like hardwoods, tile etc. the front legs of each piece of furniture should be on the area rug. Ideally each piece of furniture would have the front legs siting on the area rug at least 8-12 inches.

kim and stus area rug 400 wide

If you using an area rug on top of wall to wall carpeting, you can get away with a smaller rug and not putting the furniture on top of the area rug.

Keep in mind this is only a best practice guideline and often times the rug that works best for your room doesn’t come in the exact size you might need.

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