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  • ForceField Protector 22 oz Bottle or 1 Gallon Size

    ForceField Protector 22 oz Bottle or 1 Gallon Size

    ForceField® Fabric Protector is a professional strength fast drying treatment that creates a protective finish that effectively resists soils and stains. It is safe for all types of fabrics and fibers including silk, leather, polypropylene, wool and...

    $28.00 - $87.00
  • No-Muv Pre-Cut Area Rug Pad

    No-Muv Pre-Cut Area Rug Pad

    No-Muv area rug pad is a durable rug pad that is designed for placing area rugs on top of wall to wall carpeting. This top of the line rug pad is firmer to the touch and designed to stop an area rug from moving or buckling where the legs of your...

    $120.00 - $588.20
  • Grip it Solid Rug Pad

    Grip it Solid Pre-Cut Rug Pad

    Grip It Solid Rug Pads are designed for 4' x 6' or larger area rugs going on hard surfaces. Intended for applications when you don't really require a lot of extra cushion, for example when your rug is already quite thick, under a breakfast table, or...

    $55.00 - $269.00
  • Teebaud Rug Pad on top of hard surface flooring

    Teebaud Rug Pad (Pre-cut Sizes)

    Teebaud Rug Pad (Pre-cut sizes) is a thin pad designed especially for smaller scatter rugs, runners, and rugs with a slick backing that won't grip to your average pad. Teebaud rug pad is so thin that it's unnoticeable under rugs, but thick enough to...

    $45.00 - $165.00
  • Duo-lock Rug Pad

    Duo-lock Rug Pad

    Duo-lock Rug Pad is a finer quality area rug pad designed to add years to the life of your rugs by maintaining the integrity of your rugs and assuring they are locked into place on the suface of your floors. It offers a thicker pile construction adding...

    $68.00 - $389.00