Kaleen Ali ALI07-38 Charcoal Area Rug

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Kaleen Ali ALI07-38 Charcoal Area Rug a study in classic geometric floral patterns and middle eastern design, the Ali Collection’s of seven rug patterns portrayed in a jewel-toned color palette is awe-inspiring. Taking months to create these beautiful traditional rugs they are handcrafted by skilled Artisans presenting a rich, textured Afghan inspired hand-knotted rug using an age-old technique on traditional looms making a beautiful heirloom to add to your families’ treasured possessions. Kaleen’s Ali hand-knotted rugs are made using quality 100% imported wool and what is even more exciting these wool rugs perform outstandingly in heavy traffic areas for many years to come. Each rug within the Ali collection is open backed allowing easier movability. Offered in a 18 inch color sample, contact Rug Goddess for more details.

Color Detail: Charcoal, Rose, Orange, Sand, Lt Blue, Green, Gold