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Modern and Contemporary area rugs are one of the hottest home decor accessory today.

Contemporary rugs are inspired from Twentieth century decorative and fine arts of the century. These modern rugs provide all of the colors of the rainbow and are made with the same hand quality construction of the finest rugs in the world. Today's contemporary area rugs resemble some of the finest examples of modern art or what we call, floor art. From bold primaries to soft neutrals these rugs use bold designs.

There are four subcategories to contemporary area rugs or modern area rugs; Geometric Area Rugs, Abstract Area Rugs, Organic Area Rugs and Custom Contemporary Area Rugs.

Geometric area rugs as the name suggests are geometric in style and include symmetrical patterns utilizing straight lines to create “architecturally” pleasing patterns to the eye. These area rugs come in variety of types from Wool, synthetic, cotton, and even acrylic. These patterns are particularly effective when shown in various shapes of rugs like; octagonal rugs, square rugs, and rectangular rugs.

Abstract area rugs are defined as a rug whose pattern is asymmetrical. These artistic area rugs are a reflection of the best modern art produced in the last century. When picking an abstract area rug you should pick one similarly to the way you pick an abstract painting. It is said that true art stirs an unconscious feeling inside of you. These contemporary area rugs are the most eclectic of rug designs. They are particularly effective in round rugs, runners or smaller rectangles as accent rugs.

Organic area rugs are best thought of as the flip version of geometric in that the pattern is also symmetrical however the execution of the design is with curvilinear lines. Most of these patterns derive their source from the classic period of tapestries popular in Europe. These rugs induce a sense of tranquility and ease while easily tying together a wide band of contemporary furnishings. These patterns are particularly appealing in round rugs, runners, and oval rugs.

Custom Contemporary Area Rugs are perfect when you want a truly unique area rug. Our area rug consultants can design any size, shape or color of contemporary rug you desire. We even did a custom contemporary rug where we included the family’s Irish logo into the rug. Nothing is impossible for this rug category.

Our Area Rug Consultants represent numerous manufacturers as wholesale dealers saving you hours and hours of searching online or traveling from store to store to find that perfect contemporary or modern rug. The Rug Goddess will also save you from hauling rugs back and forth from your house to the store because the colors didn’t match, the size was wrong or you simply didn’t like it once you got in the room.

For a truly unique contemporary area rug, ask our consultants about our custom rug design services. We can create any size, shape of color of contemporary area rug you desire. This is especially helpful when you need a unique sized area rug. There are many ways to get a unique sized area rug i.e. by adding a border to a pre-made area rug you can just about get any size rug you desire. The options are endless!

Click here to see sample of some of the contemporary area rugs we have done for our clients.

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