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Choosing the right area rugs can dramatically change your room’s style, texture, and warmth. At Rug Goddess, we carry high-quality area rugs for your home from Stanton Carpets.

Since 1980, the Stanton brand has become known for stylish, customized rugs within the carpet industry. Their luxury area rugs and runner styles are carefully chosen to add sophistication and class to any room in your home.

Why Choose Area Rugs from Stanton Carpets

The Stanton company has expanded over the years to include lines like Antrim Carpet, Rosecore, Crescent, and Hibernia. They have an ever-increasing selection of readily available hand-loomed area rugs made from wool for homeowners looking for a luxurious touch to their rooms.

Stanton area rugs and carpets are manufactured from wool blends, offering all the advantages the natural material can offer. Natural wool can withstand high traffic and the weight of furniture, preserving its original thickness and bounciness over the years.

Its resilience is due to the wool fiber’s spiral structure. The combination of strength and endurance ensures your area rug will retain its attractiveness for a long time.

Wool is also naturally resilient to dirt, spills, and soiling due to its natural coating, making them easy to clean. Its high levels of nitrogen and water make it flame resistant. As a result, your home will be safe from fires caused by electrical short circuits or sparks from fireplaces and other potential sources of fire with wool carpeting from Stanton Carpets.

When you purchase a Stanton branded carpet, the result is a durable and beautiful piece of artistry that will become a focal point of your room.

Placing an Area Rug from Stanton Carpet in Your Home

Adding area rugs to your home can be challenging, especially if you plan to place them in small areas throughout your house. You can choose runner rugs from Stanton runner rugs at Rug Goddess to provide a welcoming and stylish look for your hallways.

Rug runners are ideal for filling long, narrow spaces and seamlessly enhancing a home’s aesthetics and decor with elegance and art. A runner transforms a space not only by adding texture and decor but also by protecting floors in high-traffic areas. Runner rugs are a must-have for every home.

There are some common places in a home to place a runner, including:


Runner rugs add flair, utility, and protection to the heart of the home. A runner rug for your kitchen is an opportunity to coordinate your design scheme with other elements of your home's layout. Runners with colorful and energetic patterns are perfect for busy families on the go.

For instance, a yellow-gold runner can add brightness to your kitchen while protecting the floors at the same time. You can use different kitchen runners to divide other areas of the kitchen, such as in front of the stove or the seats next to the dining table.


Consider adding a runner rug to your staircase to create a luxurious look in your home. A high-quality wall-to-wall runner rug may elevate a gorgeous hardwood staircase. Remember that the runner rug must be attached to the stairs for safety with carpet padding to reduce the chance of falling on slippery wooden stairs. The runner rug should also be placed on the landing area of the staircase for a continuous effect.

Open Floor Areas

Runner rugs are an excellent addition to any open floor plan. You can differentiate between an open-concept living room and a dining room with runner rugs. Runners on open floors create a division between the two spaces without requiring physical separation. By doing this, you can help your home showcase separate but adjacent areas in a way that helps draw the eye from one to the next.

Runners are great for creating new focal points in an open space. You can customize a small runner rug to mark off a seating area or coffee table and draw attention to it by surrounding it with smaller accent pieces. Installing a runner rug in this area is helpful if you have dark wooden furniture that can overshadow other decorative elements in a room.

Entryways and Hallways

Hallways and entryways can benefit from runner rugs as they are the first places guests see when they enter and exit spaces in your home. You can create a dramatic welcome for your guests by placing a black runner rug in the entryway.

Rugs in the hallways provide a clear separation between private areas, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, from public spaces, such as dining and kitchens.

If you have small children or pets running around, you may consider placing an area rug in front of your home’s doorways. It helps protect your hardwood floors from any scratches or dings that might occur from their footfall.

Find Your Next Area Rug with Rug Goddess

Stanton area rugs add a simple and timeless feel to your home. If you’re looking for an area rug for your foyer or hallway, Rug Goddess carries a selection of Stanton Carpet area rugs. Contact us today to learn how to customize a Stanton area rug to fit your space in your home.